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durch  |  13-May-2016 16:40

This new series is a follow up to the 7900 series which she also designed.In fact, the 7400 series can be regarded as the “little sister” of the 7900 series as it encompasses the same large flame viewing area and design but with smaller overall dimensions.

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This motif decorates the matt black side of the stove and emphasises the quality finish whilst celebrating our 160-year history as the leading manufacturer of high-quality wood burning stoves.

The stove has been designed by World famous Danish designer Monica Ritterband.

Thanks to its nifty size the stove is also suitable for smaller rooms where it will fit perfectly as an elegant, functional, cosy piece of furniture.

Standing on 100mm legs, the Morsø S11 is a stunning example of a small stove offering all the attributes of a larger model.

Also, 3rd party cakes are welcome however if eaten on the premises will be charged at $2.20 per person.

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