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durch  |  19-Jul-2016 17:09

Whether it be the extrusion width setting or the nozzle size, I'm not too sure yet.

The spiral on this one wasn't the greatest compared to the other two. Also, wherever there are 90 degree corners, they seemed much more rounded than with KISS or Slic3r.

Again, I just wanted to see what each would do with the same settings. First was There was a thin wall on the back of the print that barely printed. The cylinders up front were hardly standing in some places.

It was as though chunks were missing from the sides for some reason.

I tried to set up all three programs (KISSlicer, Cura 14.02RC1, and Slic3r 1.0.0RC3) with as similar settings as I could get them and printed the "Slicing Engine Torture Test" I wanted to try and see what the programs would do for any finer details that might be thrown at it.

I wasn't looking for anything as particular as a 'torture test', but this seemed to have some cylinders, hard corners, bridging, sloping, thin walls, etc. Please keep in mind that I'm sure there are a LOT of people who have each of these programs fine tuned and running much better than I have got them going here.

Next up was cylinder just below to the right of the '1.0' which was missed completely by KISS. it decided to leave out the thin wall along the back and side completely.

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