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date side Aarhus-82

Everything is not covered in meter thick layers of snow and the temperatures are not excruciating cold normally, but the number of daylight hours are limited, the trees stands bare, stripped of their leaves and the skies are often depressingly grey.

The city is still full of people but the outdoor street life is a bit uninspiring for most visitors, except for the Christmas month of December.

Aarhus (also written Århus and pronounced Oar-Hoos) is the main city on the Jutland peninsula in Denmark.

With a population of just over 300,000 people (1,200,000 in the East Jutland metropolitan area), it holds the titles of Denmark's second largest city and the city with the youngest population.

The beech burst in to leaves around the first of May and the number of sunlight hours and the temperatures increase rapidly throughout this month.

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