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Angiosperms (flowering plants) are paleopolyploids, i.e. the genome of their common ancestor was subject to a large-scale or even genome-wide duplication event during the Late Jurassic or Early Cretaceous, 100–160 MYA [].

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Based on the construction of linearized phylogenetic trees we infer the genome duplication to have occurred between 30 and 60 million years ago.

Gene Ontology and pathway association of the duplicated genes in ].

Although using two different calibration dates (100 MYA for the -poplar split, and 150 MYA for the monocot-eudicot split) may affect the age distribution if one of the two calibration dates is unrealistic compared to the other, age distributions obtained for each calibration point separately were very similar (data not shown), suggesting that the dates of 100 MYA and 150 MYA [] are in good agreement with inferred dates from tree topologies.

The core eudicots apparently duplicated their genome in the Late Cretaceous, while the common ancestor of the ], prediction of open reading frames using species-specific models yielded a dataset of 22,237 coding sequences.

From those, a total of 2,907 paralogs were determined by all-against-all BLAST searches using previously described parameters [, poplar, or rice) as reference points.

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