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When attending the interview, please make sure you provide evidence of your child’s previous academic history (report cards, letters of recommendations, special needs history, if any) Step 3 If after the interview you are offered a place at ISIB you will fill out the registration form, and return it a soon as possible together with a recent photograph of your child (preferably electronically).

Step one should be completed, with no exception, before your child can be considered among other applicants.

Step 1 Fill out the online visit request form and return to school.

Alternatively you can pick up a form in our offices.

Step 2 Only after completing step one, you will be invited to an interview with your child.

If you are out of the country the interview will be online.

You can purchase your uniform requirements from this website: Direct uk For further information about ordring your school uniform, please click here: Direct Schoolwear Instructions PE Uniform For PE (Sports), all students must wear the ISIB PE uniform.

Admission Process There are several steps to follow when applying to ISIB.

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