komplett kostenlose singlebörse Jena - Dating dk priser Lejre

durch  |  10-Jul-2015 03:56

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These experiments are a point of interest for the Summer visitors.

From its founding, Lejre has been setting the tune between is filled with tourists who like to see “life”- no signs, guide or audio guide.

Their serious image has given Lejre a place between the “classic Danish excursions” - a must-see.

The motto “I try – I understand” means that all school children as well as tourists are being activated and stimulated to start wondering, to start reflecting by not seeing their own prejudices about the past confirmed.

Priserne på at holde jeres introtur med Jyske Lejre er ligetil. For udendørs og adventure aktiviteter, såsom team building, kan i kontakte Fieldmore i Herning via med stor succes har samarbejdet med vores gæster før.

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