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of the great things about running a small business like Top-Pots is that you are forced to do jobs that larger businesses simply outsource, such as photography. (Humidity plays hell with MSA and FIRESTONE pieces) If you want to see what some of the manufacturer marks for WWII era liners just click on this link

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If you don't believe me, ask any German infantryman in southern Italy during 1943 who may have saw the "red bull" and see if they weren't shaking in their boots! This is a nice representation of a WWII era 551st Parachute Infantry Battalion (PIB) M1 parachutist jump helmet with camouflage pattern.

This type of helmet would have been seen during their time in Italy or Southern France (Operation Dragoon).

This particular helmet was done on an early war fix bale helmet shell (as opposed to a D bale), which was often done at the time. WESTINGHOUSE made over 23,000,000 "high pressure" helmet liners between March 1942 and Sept 1945.

If interested in seeing more detailed photos please visit my website check out the other photos. This accounts for over 50% of the total US M1 liners produced during the war, which makes them some of the most common found today.

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