Dating Næstved

durch  |  20-Apr-2016 09:37

I am carrying out tree-ring studies of wood structures found in wetland contexts in Ireland, chiefly fishing structures on the inter-tidal zone of the Fergus Estuary, in Co. This work is allowing detailed chronology of the structures to be constructed, so that we can map the intensity of the medieval fisheries in these waters.

Daly, A (2012) Timber - regionality and temporality in Northern Europe's shipbuilding resource.

I then examined the insights this provides us with, in the context of the history of Northern European timber trade.

Recent projects include wood studies of the Drogheda Boat and its barrel cargo, dating and provenance determination of the wharf and shipwrecks from Oslo Harbour, dating and provenance of fine art (painted on oak panels) at the Danish National Gallery, and non-destructive dendrochronology, where industrial CT scanning of wood objects from the Norwegian Viking ship burials at Oseberg and Gokstad has enabled non-invasive dating and provenance studies of over 90 objects.

Currently, due to a generous grant from the Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowship (IEF), I am immersed in the project, Chronology, Culture and Archaeology (CCA).

[Oral Presentation], Institute of Archaeologists of Ireland Spring conference, Galway, Ireland , 20-APR-12 - 21-APR-12. Copenhagen: PNM Studies in Archaeology & History, Vol. [Details] Aoife Daly; (2001) 'The dendrochronological datings of the barrages in Haderslev fjord, Nakkebølle Fjord and Jungshoved Cove' In: Birger Storgaard (eds). This analysis is to form a comprehensive understanding of changes in the exploitation of the river resources over time and of people¿s decisions in terms of form, structure and life-spans of wooden fishing structures, including their repair and abandonment year by year ¿ all at a chronological resolution normally impossible to discern in conventional archaeology.

Daly, A (2012) I presented results of non-destructive dendrochronological analysis of the Gokstad viking ship burial. Military Aspects of the Aristocracy in Barbaricum in the Roman and Early Migration Periods. At UCD School of Archaeology we are currently investigating these estuarine remains.

[Invited Oral Presentation], Gokstad Revitalised, Sandefjord, Norway , 26-MAR-12 - 27-MAR-12. phd thesis University of Southern Denmark: University of Southern Denmark. Arkæologi og naturvidenskab i et værkstedsområde fra vikingetid. [Details] Aoife Daly; (2005) 'Trade and tree-rings' In: M. Copenhagen: PNM Studies in Archaeology & History, Vol. [Details] Aidan O'Sullivan and Aoife Daly; (1999) 'Prehistoric and Medieval coastal settlement and wetland exploitation in the Shannon estuary, Ireland' In: B. The tree-ring analysis will be integrated into the stratigraphical, environmental, tree-species and morphological analyses of the structures. thesis, I set out to describe and improve the method by which the region of origin of historic oak timber is identified.

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