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The rules have also changed over time, generally to capitalize fewer terms.To the modern reader, an 18th-century document uses initial capitals excessively.Conventions for the capitalization of titles and other classes of words vary between languages and, to a lesser extent, between different style guides.

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is writing a word with its first letter as a capital letter (upper-case letter) and the remaining letters in lower case in writing systems with a case distinction.

The term is also used for the choice of case in text.

Most publishers require consistency, at least within the same document, in applying a specified standard: this is described as "house style".

In contrast, in Dutch, when a word starts with the digraph 'ij', capitalization is applied to both letters, such as in the name of the city of IJmuiden.

There is a single Unicode character that combines the two letters, but it is generally not used.

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