Dynamic modelling of single phase induction motor kristne datingsider Viborg

durch  |  12-Mar-2015 14:52

When this check box is cleared, the measurement output uses the signal definition to identify the bus labels.

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You can choose between two types of units to specify the electrical and mechanical parameters of the model, the per unit dialog box, and the SI dialog box. Depending on the dialog box that you use, Select the torque applied to the shaft as a Simulink input of the block, or to represent the machine shaft by a Simscape rotational mechanical port.

The Simulink input representing the mechanical torque Tm of the machine is then removed from the block.

The next figure indicates how to connect an Ideal Torque Source block from the Simscape library to the machine shaft to represent the machine in motor mode, or in generator mode, when the rotor speed is positive.

Select Torque Tm to specify a torque input, in N.m or in pu, and change labeling of the block input to Tm.

The machine speed is determined by the machine Inertia J (or inertia constant H for the pu machine) and by the difference between the applied mechanical torque Tm and the internal electromagnetic torque Te.

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