Endate Esbjerg søger kæreste Solrød

durch  |  07-Apr-2016 14:49

The course is structured around skills which are necessary in the fields of heritage management, consultancy and archaeological contract work, but also benefit students who want to follow a more traditional research oriented career path.

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The new postgraduate programme in Maritime Archaeology is designed for students who are interested in a professional career in maritime archaeology and heritage management.

Based in Esbjerg on the Danish North Sea coast, the programme is internationally oriented and all teaching is in English.

In addition to covering the theory and practice of maritime archaeology, the programme offers training in project management, law and economics.

A solid preparation for a career in maritime archaeology Whatever career path within the field of maritime archaeology you choose; our aim is to provide you with the necessary skills.

As an approved commercial diving school, the masters programme can issue the Danish “SCUBA erhvervsdykker” certificate (equivalent to HSE SCUBA). As education is free in Denmark, the maritime archaeology masters course is free of charge for students from European Union/EEA countries.

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