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durch  |  20-Feb-2015 22:14

They have found the back of the net just three times in four Bundesliga fixtures, despite creating a host more opportunities.

Erodating leverkusen vs bate Single minded devotion means

The Mexican forward was signed from Manchester United just prior to the transfer deadline, and after Leverkusen had booked their place in the lucrative group stage.

We’ve just not been taking enough of them,” added Schmidt, who has Admir Mehmedi and Stefan Kiessling also available for an attack-minded team.

It will not be a gung-ho approach, however, with Leverkusen aware of the threat Borisov pose.

One member of the Borisov squad is no stranger to the Bundesliga either.

Alexander Hleb had two spells with Stuttgart and also turned out for Wolfsburg, with spells at Arsenal and Birmingham in between, and he expects a tough opening game for his side.

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