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Crossing the river was difficult in places due to the extensive wetlands, and the 760-metre (2,490 ft) Ravning Bridge was the longest bridge in Denmark from its construction in the 10th century until the Little Belt Bridge was built in 1935.Before that, there was already a valley in the same location, with a ground that consisted primarily of mica-rich quartz sand dating back to the Miocene.

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After the ice age, water continued eroding the valley, covering the floor with a layer of organic material.

Meltwater from the glacier eroded the valley, shaping it into a tunnel valley.

The glacier deposited sand, silt, and clay, and in most places flattened the valley floor.

, also called Sønderåen, "South River") is an approximately 32-kilometre-long (20 mi) river in Vejle Municipality in Denmark.

Its source is Engelsholm Lake near the village of Nørup.

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