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durch  |  27-Dec-2015 04:02

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With the heritage of care giving dating back to 1829 we have the track record to support our claims.

We deliver confidence in our ability and with the backing of DCC, one of Ireland's largest PLCs, we have the financial strength to sustain and develop our business which is underpinned by our dedicated workforce.

At present the Company works on developing two innovative products, which appear to be disposable gynecological instruments: new smear kits for cytology and gynecological Cusco vaginal specula, size XS, intended for medical examination of female adolescents.

The Caring for life, at Fannin we provide the medical devices, medicines and diagnostic products that help healthcare professionals and patients across the Island of Ireland and the UK manage illness and restore health.

Hausmann Spitalbedarf AG is a leading Medical company in the Swiss market, which supplies nationwide public and private hospitals, as well as elderly homes with many different A - brands, manufactured from all over the world.

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