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Вокзал Дуйсбурга — это тематический пункт регионального проекта «Путь индустриальной культуры» Рурского региона.

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In the case of bad weather, ice and snow, Blast Furnace 5 has to be closed for safety reasons.

It was not commissioned until 1973 and, after the closure of the works in 1985, it was left behind "shipshape and Bristol fashion" and capable of being blown again.

In the early 1990s it was finally made safe and renovated so that it might be used as a viewing platform, since when it has been a central point of interest for visitors.

Visitors to the park can walk up to the viewing tower from where, at a height of 70 metres, they can cast their gaze far and wide over Duisburg, the western Ruhr District and the Lower Rhine.

Visitors use a steel staircase to get to the top of the relatively new blast furnace.

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