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They cruise through the metropolis in designated lanes.hey sequester themselves in the Windsor Atlantica, a five-star beachfront hotel in Copacabana.If these first Olympic Games in South America have been an expression of Brazil’s vibrancy and resilience, in the face of spiralling costs and the falsehoods of frat-boy swimmers about being robbed at gunpoint, then they have also offered a symbol of its inequities.

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ntônio Carlos Jobim, composer of “The Girl from Ipanema” and the man after whom Rio’s teeming international airport is named, had it about right. Even on the fringes of the Olympic Park, the country’s contradictions are vividly drawn.

They even have an orderly, at a time when the money for the Olympics has long since run out, to open their car doors.

They use the occasion less to embrace the eclecticism of a developing nation than to enjoy an all-expenses-paid holiday. Two-thirds of the track and field sessions at the Olympic Stadium have been all but deserted. It is not as if fans could be blamed for staying away, given that the most expensive tickets for races not even featuring Usain Bolt costs more than the average Brazilian earns in a month.

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