Hoya single vision

durch  |  15-Dec-2015 03:47

You will receive a replacement pair of clear lenses from HOYA and in the same prescription, design, index, coating and frame*.

Ask your optometrist about the new choice in Transitions*Offer is for replacement clear lenses only. This offer does not affect your statutory rights with regards to implied warranties.

Hoya single vision-7

You can choose from: Hoya Vision Care manufactures spectacle lenses and optical products worldwide.

HOYA Nu Polar Premium Polarised sunglasses can cover virtually any prescription and are suited for everyone.

lenses to the place of purchase within 30 days of collection with your proof of purchase.

swiftly darken to a sun lens outdoors, and revert faster than before to full clarity indoors.

Tested across different climates, regions, altitudes and temperatures, Sensity lenses provide consistent light reactive performance.

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