Secret casual Freiburg im Breisgau Kosten

durch  |  07-Apr-2015 01:33

The rare glimpse into the 63-year-old Russian president's life behind his public persona came in an overheard conversation with Belarus dictator Alexander Lukashenko during a visit to Minsk, when he admitted to not going to bed until 3am.The pair did not realise the microphones were already switched on before the start of a press conference.

secret casual Freiburg im Breisgau-32

Recent years have seen Putin on collision course with the West over Ukraine - and his seizure of the Crimea peninsula in the Black Sea - and Syria.

After three weeks video footage was unearthed of the asylum seeker on a local tram who police say had a 'very conspicuous hairstyle, an undercut hairstyle', with a portion of his long hair dyed blonde.

He was arrested Friday and a DNA probe matched him to the crime scene.

Public prosecutor Dieter Inhofer said the suspect had been taken in by a local family in Freiburg, where he had lived without incident.

The news comes ahead of Chancellor Angela Merkel's CDU conservative party conference in which she sets out her claim to a fourth term in office next year, against a rising tide of anger at her open-door refugee policy.

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