Wie mit schütze mann flirten - Single chamber temporary pacemakers

durch  |  07-Sep-2015 19:35

Temporary pacing after myocardial infarction can be a lifesaving intervention, allowing patients to enjoy the benefits of β-blocker therapy while simultaneously maintaining an adequate heart rate and cardiac output.

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In this article, however, we focus on those invasive but temporary pacemaker systems that critical care nurses often find confusing.

Temporary invasive pacing of the myocardium is used for a variety of emergent and elective conditions These low heart rates interfere with successful recovery.

Three basic types of pulse generators are available: Single-chamber atrial pacers are adequate for enhancing heart rate in patients with an intact cardiac conduction system.

Ventricular pacers are designed for patients with normal contractility who require an increase in heart rate.

Atrioventricular sequential pacers provide synchronization between the atria and the ventricles for optimal cardiac output.

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