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A number of lists of deportees are available from varying sources. Due to the wartime circumstances under which these lists were compiled, they contain a number of duplications, omissions and errors.The most comprehensive were the contemporary lists published in the Channel Islands Monthly Reviews. After much sorting out, all the single men at Biberach went on to Laufen on 31 October,1942.The best bubbly in an beautiful environment for the whole of our trip. The ideal place for those who are tired from noisy and crowdy cities. We liked the fact that we could walk with the dog on the castle grounds after the gates were closed.

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Thereafter, all those at Dorsten were transferred to Biberach on 12 November,1942.

When the February,1943,deportations took place, the women and children, plus males over 63, went to Compiegne in France, the men went to Laufen.

They were joined by the single men from Dorsten soon afterwards.

All families with children, plus about 30 couples without children, left Biberach for Wurzach on 31 October,1942.

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