Single plattform Göttingen

durch  |  18-Apr-2015 05:46

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Kerstin Helmkamp Head of Readers' Services, SUB Göttingen SUB Göttingen is a high-volume interlibrary loan (ILL) institution that has participated in OCLC's global interlibrary loan network since 2000.

As an OCLC ILL participant, the library has benefited from borrowing and lending materials within a global network of more than 9,000 libraries.

Adoption of World Share, has allowed SUB Göttingen to reduce both staff time and turnaround times on document requests.

ILL staff members appreciate how World Share ILL works seamlessly with My Bib e Doc to ease the workflow through automation.

Our "private housing market" only accepts advertised apartments or single rooms in shared apartments for rent that are free of commission.

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