Toby leung dating

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Monday, April 30, 2007 Hong Kong Toby Leung is a Village Girl looking for Husband Bobby Au Yeung and Toby Leung were working on the first day of filming of their new series "Cold Encounters of the Third Kind" in a scene where Toby plays a girl from Xinjiang who has been brought down to Hong Kong by dating agency boss Bobby, who is collecting her from the station.

Ron Ng is currently rumoured to be dating Charmaine Sheh, but both repeatedly denied this.

However the story tells of me becoming very sexy and pretty later. ) I don't really flaunt it much, but I will wear tight tops and short skirts." credits: tvbspace.

Benny was previously rumoured to be dating Charmaine. Toby and Ron was previously paired in 2 TV series where they were lovers and a married couple.

And now, due to a fake Facebook account, Toby is rumoured to have set her relationship status in Facebook, admitting that she is dating Ron! Toby clarified that she does not have a Facebook account and neither has she ever sign up for one.

She doesn't know their real identities and not sure whether they are her friends. Toby does not know who is claiming to be her and it will be difficult to do anything about it".

Ron also said that Toby had SMS-ed him to explain that the Facebook account was a fake.

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