Ung dating Lolland dating akademiker Mariagerfjord

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The author left out the first a in “hammer” and flipped the S-rune backwards à la Toys-R-Us.

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Over 1000 of these amulets have been found across Northern Europe but the pendant from Lolland is the only one with a runic inscription." (PASTHORIZONS, The Hammer of Thor [Sunday, June 29, 2014].

Blog History explains: The finder, metal detectorist Torben Christjansen, reported the find as treasure trove to the local Museum Lolland-Falster where curators dated it to the 10th century.

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Even if his or her spelling was spotty, the rune carver would have derived status and prestige from being literate in a society that prized writing." As to the runic inscription PASTHORIZONS - probably L.

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