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All multicellular organisms evolved pathways that take nutrients, sugars and oxygen and make energy through respiration and chemical processes.In normal cells, this energy-making process is known as oxidative phosphorylation.Still, very few details have been known about the Warburg Effect.

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Doctors inject patients with radioactive glucose and then watch where it is consumed; tumors are a major source of consumption.

The findings, which will revise basic biochemistry textbooks, focused on the energy-making process in cancer cells known as the Warburg Effect.

The Cornell-led study, published July 9 in the journal e Life, revealed that some of the enzymes thought to have no effect on the Warburg Effect, in fact, play a large role: An enzyme called GAPDH influences many parts of a cancer cell’s energy-making pathway.“Our findings open opportunities for new ways to intervene in the Warburg Effect,” said Jason Locasale, the paper’s senior author and assistant professor of nutritional sciences in Cornell’s College of Agricultural and Life Sciences.

The new findings are an important step toward developing a drug that affects only fermentation and not the normal metabolism of glucose, thereby depriving cancer cells of energy.

The new model lays groundwork for predicting whether treatments will be effective based on an individual’s unique metabolism.

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