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The water in the inner harbour is so clean that it can be swum in, and 36% of all citizens commute to work by bicycle, every day cycling a total of 1.1 million km.Since the turn of the millennium, Copenhagen has seen a strong urban and cultural development and has been described as a boom town.

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From its humble origins as a fishing village, through its heyday as the glittering capital of the Danish Empire, to its current position as one of the world's premier design capitals, the stories and characters of Copenhagen's history can be discovered in its sumptuous palaces, copper-roofed town houses and atmospheric cobbled squares.

From the Viking Age there was a fishing village by the name of "Havn" (harbour) at the site.

Within this region, Copenhagen and the Swedish city of Malmö are in the process of growing into one common metropolitan area.

With around 2.7 million inhabitants within a 50 km radius, Copenhagen is one of the most densely populated areas in Northern Europe.

Copenhagen is the most visited city of the Nordic countries with 1.3 million international tourists in 2007.

Web dating albertslund apotek

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