Women dating Vejle kontaktanzeigen frau sucht mann Pforzheim

durch  |  29-Apr-2016 12:30

Her skin was deeply bronzed with a robust skin tone due to tannins in the peat, and all the body joints were preserved with overlying skin in a state as if she had died only recently.

Not only was the intact skeleton found, but so were the skin and internal organs.

Scientists settled disputes about the age and identity of this well preserved body in 1977, when radiocarbon dating determined conclusively that the woman's death occurred around the 5th century BCE.

In 1979, doctors at Århus Hospital undertook a further forensic examination of the Haraldskær Woman.

These theories are consistent with the body being put into a bog as opposed to burial in dry earth.

According to the Jomsvikinga Saga, Harald Bluetooth of Denmark ordered Queen Gunnhild be drowned in a bog. Worsaae disagreed the Haraldskær Woman was Gunnhild.

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