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​Join Women in Aerospace and Undergraduate Women in Physics for a social mixer! "Celebrating Einstein" is a series of events and activities taking place before and during the 2015 Cambridge Science Festival to mark the 100th anniversary of Albert Einstein's general theory of relativity, his greatest scientific legacy.

After the Reformation, Veksø was confiscated by the crown.

The castle had probably been destroyed in the Counts' Feud or may simply have fallen into despair after losing its importance after Copenhagen had been established as Denmark's new capital. A pair of bronze horned helmets from the younger Bronze Age (dating to ca.

Ask questions, get answers, make friends, eat food and watch a movie about a struggling physics professor (they're just like us!

The name (Veksø) also referred to a castle which may have belonged to Skjalm Gvide of the influential Hvide dynasty.

The estate was later owned by Christian I who gave it to Roskilde Cathedral in 1450.

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