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durch  |  18-Apr-2016 22:55

The island is called Solskinsøen (The Sunshine Island) because of its weather and Klippeøen (The Rock Island) because of its geology.

) is a Danish island in the Baltic Sea, to the east of the rest of Denmark, south of Sweden, northeast of Germany and north of the westernmost part of Poland.

The main industries on the island include fishing, dairy farming, and arts and crafts such as glass production and pottery using locally worked clay. There is an especially large number of Denmark's round churches on the island.

It has usually been ruled by Denmark, but also by Lübeck and Sweden.

The ruin of Hammershus, at the northwestern tip of the island, is the largest medieval fortress in northern Europe, testament to the importance of its location.

Bornholm Regional Municipality, established January 2003 by the merger of Bornholm County with 5 municipalities, covers the entire island.

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