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durch  |  31-Mar-2016 21:02

There is little of general interest to travellers here, but some of Copenhagen's nicest hostels (albeit with a great deal of transportation to Copenhagen's main attractions) and a single top-notch art museum - oh, and 7 kilometres of white beach if you are fortunate enough to run into sunny days.

Approaching the district by train from west or south, you will get off at Høje Taastrup Station and continue by S-train The easiest way to get around is by S-train.

Filmbyen (The Movie city)[7] , also known as Avedørelejren, is an old army garrison erected in 1913.

While parts have been restored to its former glory, the really interesting parts is the untouched part, overgrown part, with old barracks, ammunition depots etc. The most easiest entry point is taking an S-train to Brøndbyøster station on the B line.

Can easily be combined with a visit to Filmbyen, since it is housed on a garrison which was part of the Vestvolden defences.

Vest-Taxa (+45 43 45 45 45) is usually the fastest in the western suburbs and Taxa Selandia (+45 70 10 66 66) in the far southwestern suburbs.

Taxa 4x35 (+45 35 35 35 35) is a good option closest to the central part of the city, but further away some waiting time can be expected.

For destinations between S-train stations or away from the main traffic channels you can take one of the local buses, most of which do not run as frequent as in the central part of the city.

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